Rihanna’s Lookalike Has Been Discovered In India & She’s Breaking The Internet – Video

Renee Kujur, a 23-year-old girl from Chhattisgarh India has been found to resemble the famous singer Bajan Singer Rihanna. Renee possesses the exact same features as Rihanna and the news started breaking the internet.

Renee has been mocked for her dark skin since her school days, she recalled a moment where she participated in a costume completion dressed up as a fairy. She was teased for her dark skin and was called the bl-ack fairy.

She was b-ullied for dressing up as a fairy and made to leave the stage with tears running down her cheeks.

After completing her schooling, she started working as a sales staff in a store, where people noticed her and said she look like Rihanna.

But she ignored the people’s comments and continue her daily work, but later than some of her friends also started saying the same comments.

Years later she started working as a model, despite continuous cr-iticism Renee has been determined to pursue her dream of becoming a model. People started subjugating her over her color and told her she won’t stand a chance until she pleased clients.

She was even offered to sleep with the clients so that she could get a better job. But things began to change once her modeling photos resembles Rihanna. It was easier to convince the clients through the resemblance criteria. As no one could object that Rihanna was beautiful.

Now Renee is a successful model, she has walked in several fashion shows like India Runway week and Asian Designer week. She made her television debut in 2019 through the show “MTV Supermodel of the year”.

She has also been modeling for several brands like Reebok and Tommy Hilfiger. She often credits her resemblance with Rihanna as the reason for continuing her modeling career. Renee Kajur has now set her name in the modeling industry and she now takes selfies with her fans and signs autographs for them.

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