Former NFL Star Michael Strahan Ex-Wife Wants More Money After Getting $15.3M & $18K Monthly – Video

Michael T. Strahan is a television personality, journalist, and former American football player. He is one of the few who have turned his retirement into a successful hosting career. Throughout its heyday the actor has been avoiding rumors, he is greatly focused on his new career. But now the actor is wife is menacing to ruin his image with her new demands.

With the outbreak of the epidemic, the actor talk show, ‘Sara and Keke’ has been replaced by ABC News, daily epidemic report. The show has come to an end but it has been nominated for 3 Daytime Emmys.

However, he still holds his place as a successful co-host in the show ‘Good Morning America’. There have been several people dealing with separation and financial problems during COV-19, Strahan is one among them. A recent incident circling Dr. Dre and his ex-wife has been dealing with similar staggering amounts demands. The doctor’s wife and their daughters are all grown-ups and independent but for Strahan the case is different, he still shares his twin daughters with his ex-wife.

Recently Nicole Young caught the eyes of the press with her demand. She demanded an eye-staggering amount of over $2 million. In the recent court papers, she laid a detailed report on her need of $2 million from Dre, which includes $10k for laundry and cleaning, $135k for clothing, and about $900k for entertainment. According to TMZ report, her total amount is 2.5 million dollars and she demands $5 million as attorney fees.

Strahan and his wife Jean Muggli were separated back in the year 2006. The judges concluded with a settlement of $15 million and a monthly pay of $18,000/monthly as support for their twin daughters. Later then in 2009, the monthly payment was reduced to under $13,000. Now she is demanding for their daughter’s horseback riding lessons, she claims that he owes back support by dividing and sharing down the middle. The twin daughters Sophie and Isabella have been developing a keen interest in jockeys, their mother claims that Strahan owes a total amount of $500,000 in support of the girls riding lessons but has not received anything since 2017.

She is demanding his share of $225,000, she also states that they have not received the child support payment since 2010, as they negotiated an increase in cost-of-living. Finally, she states Strahan owes a staggering amount of $321,654. For that, Strahan clearly explained that he agreed to the increase in the cost of living but he finds the language “vague and indefinite” in coming up with the number. He also states that he never agreed to the horseback riding lessons payment.

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