Disabled Vet Only Buying Water Until Woman Says ‘Let’s Go Get You Everything You Need’ – Video

Victor Moss, a veteran with a disability, had gone to a grocery store around the Thanksgiving season last year. While people were buying food items in large quantities, Moss just had a carton of water in his cart and was moving to the cash counter to pay for his bill. This one lady named Cassandra Jones and her team came to the grocery store and approached him.

They told him that he could pick whatever he wants and they would pay the bill.

The lady was from FOX5 News Las Vegas. She and her team are a part of the FOX5 Surprise Squad, which reaches out to veterans. They give them a surprise, by paying up their bills. This act is to honor them for their services.

Moss had got disabled during the w-ar.

When the lady and her team saw that his cart had nothing except a carton of water, they told Moss that he could get anything he want from the store and they would pay up his bill. Moss initially refused the offer but then agreed to it. They went around the store and got him everything that he needed for Thanksgiving. Moss was going to celebrate with his fiancée.

While getting the supplies, Moss was moved to tears and said that his fiancée was also was disabled. Sometimes they are unable to celebrate holidays. He leaned on to the woman’s shoulders as he cried and thanked her for the kind act that meant a lot to him. He said, “when someone gives to you, and you don’t expect it, and you all walk up and do this for me. It’s great ma’am. It’s so wonderful, and I thank you.”

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