5 Steps to Make Him Love You

Imagine. You have this major crush on a guy, and you can’t stop thinking about him. You do anything it takes to make him fall for you. You do everything possible to get his attention. But he doesn’t seem to notice your existence. You are willing to do anything to make him attracted to you.

We are here to help you with your problem. In this post, we will tell you about five things that you need to do so that you get your crush’s attention, and maybe who knows you might as well end together dating.

1. Be Yourself

The more you pretend the more someone finds you a wannabe. Therefore, just be yourself, if they love you for authenticity then they deserve your love else it is not worth your time. Even if you think pretending would help, it doesn’t in the long run.

2. Be mindful of your appearances

How you carry yourself talks a lot about your personality. Work on yourself and your appearance. Dess well and style your hair and make it look like you are neat and have put in the effort. Also, never overdress. Dress according to the occasion.

3. Go with the flow

If your think your crush has now slowly started noticing you, please don’t overreact.

That’s great news. Just take things slow and don’t hastily jump into decisions.

4. Make him want you

You shouldn’t be the only one running behind him. As much as you want him, don’t look desperate. Keep the curiosity alive. Guys love mysterious girls.

5. Appreciate him for being himself

You have to make the guy feel comfortable. Appreciate him for being himself, and he would feel much relieved.

Tell him about what qualities of his do you like. Appreciate little things about him, and he would love you.

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