The Man Who Scaled A 19-Story Building Like Spider-Man Did It To Save His Bedridden Mother. Said: Anything For My Mom’s Safety. – Video

In 2021, in West Philadelphia, a man created news headlines for climbing 15 stories down to an apartment which was on fi-re. Later, when asked, he said, it was for his mom’s safety. Around 9:28 p.m, flames flared up at the Holden Tower on the Street. Speaking to the news channel, a spokesperson of a Philadelphia Po-lice Department reported that they received numerous calls regarding the incident and about people being confined in the apartment buildings on different floors.

It was then when Jermaine jumped into the scene. Jermaine told WPVI that he got the news from her sister that their mother was baffled in the building which was on fi-re. So, he rushed to the location. “I actually climbed because they were saying she was trapped in the apartment,” Jermaine told the station, noting that officials and po-lice would not let him into the building’s front entrance. “I took it upon myself because that is my mother. There are no limits to my mother. He further added and the first cop said the whole building was on fi-re.

My sister was out there, my mother not out there. I [didn’t] know what else to do but go up and get her.” Jermaine informed officials that on reaching the balcony he found his mother, 65-year-old lady, Shelia with her boyfriend safe and sound. As the fi-re didn’t reach that tier. Jermaine recollected when his mother told him to notify her that she’s safe. Hearing that, he climbed down, and footage caught him as he ascended 15 stories down from that apartment building. NBC 10 pilot Jeremy Haas said, “Jermaine climbed about 200 feet (60.96 m) down on what looked like basically chain-link fencing and then the railings of each apartment building,”

According to WPVI, Jermaine’s mother made it out safely. And according to the Associated Press, Four residents were treated for fume inhalation and heat exhaustion. The spokesperson said three officers were taken to local hospitals where they were treated for fume inhalation and released. Jermaine said to the officials, “[All] for my mom’s safety. Period.

I wasn’t worried about mine at all. I just wanted to make sure she was cool,”

“She can’t get out of the bed or walk around so if it’s a fi-re she’s stuck. I’m not just going to sit there and let my mom depart this life and you’re all telling me I can’t get in the building.” said Jermaine. He added that he used to live in the building and have experience as a construction worker, so he has skills that one needs to climb the building. Rightly, he made it to the ground uninjured and an officer let him go free. As for his mother, Jermaine said she was stunned by the act. He said, her mother was “She was more sh-ocked,” “She’s not surprised by the things that I do for her. She knows I’ll go over and beyond for her.”

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