Rapper Flo Rida Refuses To See Special Needs 4-Year-Old Son, Zohar Paxton, Refers To Kid As ‘Wicked Child’ According To Mother, Alexis Adams – Video

The climate in 2007 was scary for many folks: gasoline prices were well over $4 per gallon in many regions, and the aftershocks of the Great Recession were already being felt. Some brief respite came in the form of an electrifying chorus: “…Apple Bottom Jeans/Boots with the Furrrr/The Whole Club was lookin’ at her/Next thing you know She h-it the flo’/Shorty got Low-Low-Low-Low-Low-Low-Low-Low-Low-Low-Low-Low-Low-Low-Low-Low-Low-Low-L.” For many, it is a sort of anthem.

The Florida rapper Flo Rida, real name Tramar Lacel Dillard, gave the nightclubs a real jingle to get “Low” to. In 2016, a romantic interest named Alexis Adams informs him that she is expecting a son and that the Florida chart-topping rapper is the father. Dillard, according to Adams, was unrelentingly unsupportive of the news, refusing to acknowledge her until a genetic test confirmed a 99.9 percent DNA match between him and the then 3-month-old boy.

“Flo Rida has only seen his son once during the paternity test but kept his shades on and his back turned,” Adams, who first met Flo in 2015, said. They were both present in the same room. He made no attempt to hug Zohar. It was bitterly cold.” Returning to the present, Adams vociferously disparages Dillard for the same, unjustified neglect for his son, the now 4-year-old Zohar Paxton. Despite providing financial support (including healthcare insurance), Adams condemns the affluent recording artist for refusing to establish a relationship and provide fatherly care to a son who was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, a neurological condition that causes an excess of cerebrospinal fluid to flood the brain.

Adams claims that Dillard failed to connect even after a perilous operation. “Even after Zohar’s incision, he hasn’t reached out to see if he’s okay,” she said. “I find it strange because Flo Rida is always involved in children’s charities.” ‘It’s excruciating to be a single mom, going to a lot of doctor’s appointments and not knowing what else your son might need.’ Pertaining to charity and the proposed support, Adams’ lawyer Brian Robinson reports that Flo Rida didn’t start paying child support until March of 2017 (about 5 months after Zohar’s birth) and at a considerably lower amount than “the later provisional sum chosen by the judge.”

One month later, Adams would be successful in court, obtaining the increased sum for her special-needs son. Flo Rida informed TMZ that he compensated her $5,000 per month and that her legal actions were a “money-making scheme.” Adams makes the claim that the rapper called Zohar “an evil f’n’ child.” “Zohar is very loving, he kisses and hugs everybody,” Adams says in response to his judgment. People notice how happy he is and how interactive he is with them when they meet him.” “Clearly, Zohar isn’t the only one, and there’s a lot of things I can’t discuss, but I’m sure the truth will come out,” she added, possibly in reference to Flo Rida’s 2013 child support case, which was brought by Natasha Georgette Williams, a former model.

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