Pathological/Compulsive Liars: Causes, 9 Signs Of, Dealing With One

We often come across people we know will go to any extent to get their things done. Although somewhere within you do know, you just can’t easily figure who they exactly are. Before someone tries to get away after pulling wool over your eyes again, here are nine signs you need to keep a check on to know if someone is lying.

(1) People who lie are always guilty and are uncomfortable having eye-to-eye contact. The next time someone tries to look aside and not maintain eye contact when you talk to them, know that they are trying to hide something.

(2) People who lie generally act nervous when you start asking them questions. However, there could be exceptional cases where experienced individuals will still act cool, but they too would eventually melt under pressure.

(3) People who lie always have something that they are thinking about. They have no facial expression and often don’t show any emotions.

(4) They are very good at making up stories that don’t even make sense. Your gut feeling can’t be wrong this time.

(5) Try asking a few questions to someone you think is lying to you and they get defensive and might as well try to make you feel inferior.

(6) If you talk about something they once told, and if it was not real, they would try their best to change the subject of conversation.

(7) They always tell more lies to justify the one lie that they said. Eventually, you would understand that they don’t have a logical point.

(8) Someone who is lying can never sit focused. They would do things that would distract them from the conversation.

(9) They continuously keep changing the details of the stories because what they said was not true, and they can’t remember a lie because such a thing never happened. Once you get to this you should be sure that you are dealing with someone who is not being truthful.

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