Marine Catches Boy Thrown From A Bu-rning Building By His Mom – Video

A Cellphone footage shows a former Marine and college wide receiver catching a three year old boy thrown from a bu-rning building by his mother. After hearing pleas for aid, Phillip Blanks, 28, went barefoot to the residence in Phoenix on July 3 and was able to prevent Jameson Long from the fi-re on the third floor balcony.

‘It was just instinct,’ he told ABC, adding, ‘There wasn’t much pondering.’ I simply reacted. ‘I just acted in time.’

Rachel Long, Jameson’s 30-year-old mum, leave this world in the bl-ze. ‘She’s the true hero of the story because she made the ultimate sacrifice to save her children,’ according to Blanks. A former wide receiver at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, now works in the security profession. As he dropped, he stated Jameson was ‘twirling in the air like a propeller.’ ‘I simply did my best.’ ‘I know how to grab,’ he remarked, ‘his forehead landed exactly on my forearm.’ I’ve mastered the art of catching a football. So I’ll give soccer some credit.’

Image Credit: ABC7

‘I appreciate the Marine Corps for instilling in me this adequate guidance to save a life,’ Blanks added. I don’t consider myself a hero in any way people are protected by someone who has been taught to do my job.’ Jameson and his eight-year-old sister and as well as another woman, were transported to the hospital with bu-ns, but they are expected to live. Since then, a GoFundMe for the Long family has garnered almost $19,000. ‘Rachel was able to make it to the balcony, where she left her child, Jameson, off with neighbors waiting below,’ the statement reads.

‘Rachel was on fi-e at the time, but instead of escaping from the f-ire, she walked back in for her daughter, Roxanne, and did not come back, according to eyewitnesses. According to reports, a bystander heroically br-oke into the door of an already bu-rned flat and saved Roxxi. Rachel was a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter, and a granddaughter when she lost her life at the age of 30. She was a lovely, vivacious young lady who always lived life to the fullest and on her own terms.

Her daddy’s life was brighter because of her. She is a true warrior.

‘Corey her husband, is now homeless, and both of their children are in the hospital. He’ll have to pay for at least eight operations for Roxxi. If you feel moved to aid the Long family during these trying times, please donate. They require our prayers as well as our financial support.’ The video opens with a roaring f-ire on the home’s third floor balcony. As the boy is being thrown out of the flat, Blanks rushes into him. He dives to the floor and catches the boy just as he is about to fall to the ground.

He then flees the scene carrying the child in his hands. Onlookers can be heard pleading for his mother’s safety. On Friday morning, up to 100 jumpers were dispatched to put out the fi-res. ‘She threw the second child over the balcony,’ neighbor Juanita Williams told ABC15. She was on fi-re, but she couldn’t see it. She was a wonderful mother who took care of her children. ‘Every week, every weekend, they go to the pool and do things with their kids.’ The incident’s cause is being investigated.

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