Kountry Wayne says He Pays All Bills For His 5 Baby Mamas Even While They’re Dating Other Men – Video

Co-parenting instances are always unusual, and many celebrities have recently opened up about their unique arrangements and how they maintain peace while raising children. Some people have very strict rules and promises they make to one another to ensure their joint efforts and that their children grow up in the best possible atmosphere. Kountry Wayne, a comedian and recently visited the breakfast club.

He explained his arrangement with his children’s multi-mothers when he was there. During his stand-ups and skits, he’s been quite open about financially supporting his children’s mothers and paying all of their bills. Angela Yee was intrigued by this arrangement, particularly as it related to women dating other men. “When it comes to your children’s moms because you look after them, is it okay for them to date other guys?” she inquired. Her remark surprised him at first, and he joked that he’d have to take off his hoodie since the questions were getting “h-ot.” “My baby mommy can have anybody she wants.”

“I’m still going to pay bills,” he replied. “They are welcome to stay. That has happened in the past.” When asked if he feels jealous, Wayne joked that the females are jealous of him and that no matter how many dates they go on, they’ll never find another Wayne. “It’s difficult for me to be envious. [maybe] back when I was younger. After I left them, I saw my babies’ moms with other men. I want them to live their best lives because I’m going to enjoy mine to the fullest.

I’m the one that pays all of their bills. But finding another Wayne is difficult.” Kountry Wayne’s circumstance is definitely unique, yet he isn’t the only one in a similar situation. Wayne Brady recently disclosed that he will be facilitating his ex-wife Mandie Taketa, the mother of his 17-year-old daughter, in raising her new baby with her current fiancé, Jason Michael Fordham, in the spirit of unique co-parenting dynamics.

The family had previously drawn attention due to their quarantining together.

Some may find the interaction weird, but Brady and Taketa, who separated in 2008, have remained close friends and neighbors ever since in order to raise their daughter. It went so well for them that Wayne Brady was invited to fill in as his Duncle (Daddy-Uncle) when Taketa and Fordham debuted their new song, Sunny.

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