Journalist Tries To Shame Man For Proposing In KFC, It Backfires Hilariously As The Biggest Companies Are Offering To Fund Their Wedding – Video

A marriage proposal is a significant life event, and it should be a romantic moment for you and your partner. In today’s social media space, there may be an emphasis on making your proposal ostentatious and capturing photographed moments, however, the most important thing is that it should be unique and purposeful to you.

In one of the viral incidents, when a video of a man’s romantic but modest proposal became popular online, some people mocked it… However, in an uplifting turn of events, a large number of people rallied to his side, paving the way for a wedding no one could have anticipated.

A South African guy was photographed proposing to his now-fiancee in a KFC restaurant earlier this month. A bystander named Kateka Malobola captured the proposal on film, and KFC South Africa shared it on Twitter, congratulating the couple and attempting to locate them. While many people praised the couple, some ridiculed the man for being cheap and low-class, most notably in this woman’s ha-rsh tweet: “SA men are so br-oke they even propose at KFC…they have absolutely no class, I mean who propose at KFC.”

While the woman later removed the tweet, it attracted enough attention that the internet rallied to his defense. The hashtag #KFCProposal was quickly trending on social media… Many businesses chimed in to show their support by providing vouchers and free gifts for the wedding. Due to the unexpected viral fame, more and more firms came out, and large expenses like wedding jewelry and honeymoon travel were suddenly covered for free.

The man who took the video, Kateka Malobola, was the most startled and moved by the viral fame. He merely intended to post it with his own pals on social media, but it quickly went viral: “Then boom, the whole country’s got a wedding,” he remarked in a Twitter video. Molobola wasn’t mocking the pair; on the contrary, he thought it was a wonderful romantic moment that required a lot of guts. Molobola admitted, “I’m not as fearless as he is.” “He proposed to her in front of everyone at KFC.” It’s true love.”

He also had a message for the online trolls: “Let’s not propagate ha-te,” he said. “Embrace this thing called love,” he added. Hector Mkansi and Nonhlanhla Soldaat were identified as the couple. The couple came forward to share their experience after their proposal h-it the internet around the world.

It turns out that the proposal required more thought than the video suggests: Mkansi urged the servers to hide the rings in their meals in order to surprise Soldaat. The couple was just running their routine stuff when they stopped at a regular food stop, with the bride-to-be having no idea what was going on. “We usually sit and eat after shopping, but he had specifically requested that I wear my pink dress,” she explained to Times Live. “He told me to go get a drink somewhere else.” I was surprised because we could have bought it right there – but I went anyway. “I had no idea!” It turns out that this is also their second marriage. They were legally married in 2012, but the lavish wedding they had always envisioned was out of reach due to financial constraints.

“My wife loves food, especially chicken,” Mkansi said of the KFC offer. “But, to be honest, this is where I can feed my entire family.” “Because I don’t have any money, I can’t do the things I want to do for her.” I wanted her to know she was special and loved. I couldn’t simply toss them at her.” Fortunately, thanks to the generosity of strangers, the couple can now celebrate their love in style without having to worry about finances.

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