What’s The Secret Behind Denzel Washington’s Nearly 40 Years Of Marriage? – Video

Denzel Washington and his wife Pauletta Washington are both television personalities. They were married in 1983 and have crossed 4 decades together. It is a monumental milestone for any couple, especially for Hollywood couples. The couple has shared all their ups and downs in their life and stood up for each other through thick and thin.

They are now great parents of four, and their love journey still continues. Let’s walk around the four-decade love journey of the couple.

The couple first met each other on the sets of the movie Wilma in 1977. Though they met there they were not much acquainted, after the shooting they both went in different directions. Then after a month, Denzel met Pauletta, proving people walk in and out of your life for a reason. And when they return it could be a reason for a lifetime. Pauletta opened up on her 2nd meet in the Oprah show in 1996. Their 2nd meeting was at a party organized by one of their mutual friend. They were acquainted there and their journey begins there.

After that it was something spectacular, the couples met coincidentally in a play, they both were unaware that they were sitting next to each other. They only realized each other when the lights came up at intermission. The couple were destined to meet. The couple is easygoing and likes to tease each other without hurting their feeling. Then speaking about their date the couple remembers every detail of it though it happened back in the 70s. Denzel told Jimmy Kimmel in 2017, that he paid the bill on their 1st date, and later Pauletta in 2019 assured E!News it was her who foot the bill.

She clarifies that she paid for the cab ride and their date happened at a party, so there was nothing to be paid, hence she assures she paid the date. The couple teases each other in the cutest way. Their engagement story was revealed by Pauletta in 2013 while speaking with Access Hollywood. Pauletta has turned down Denzel 2 times and it was the 3rd time where she agreed. After tying the knot, the couple started their family. They had their 1st son John David in 1984, and their daughter Katia in 1987, then in 1991 they had twins Olivia and Malcolm.

The couple holds a happy family together. Denzel often credits his wife for turning their house into a home. According to Denzel, there is no secret for a perfect marriage, there are just certain aspects of his relationship with his wife that contribute to the long-lasting life together. For them, it is a spiritual foundation coping everything- work, marriage, and peace of mind.

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