Vivica A. Fox On Motherhood: ‘I Never Met The Man I Could Have Children With’ – Video

Admire her or hate her career but, this recent clip of Vivica A. Fox answering an uncomfortable question asked by her co-host is winning hearts. Vivica A. Fox might be a successful actor with a career spanning around 40 years yet, she wasn’t spared from the not-so-cool question of whether she regrets not having kids.

Vivica has been co-hosting the show ‘Cocktails with Queens’ where she was asked this question by her co-host.

Although it might have triggered her internally, she went on to respond to the question with utmost grace. She said that God gave her six God babies because She never met a single man with whom she could have a child. She even added that she doesn’t feel less fulfilled as a woman only because she couldn’t give birth to a child. Vivica was formerly married to Christopher Harvest, and the couple eventually divide. She was then engaged to Omar “Slim” White. Although she was planning on getting married to him, her family never accepted the relationship, and she had to call it quits although it meant a lot of her money being drained.

She even said that she was three months away from the wedding, and Vivica called it quits because she does trust her family and that they wouldn’t do a thing to let her down. Ten years later, now she feels so satisfied with her life and then says that she loves babies and that although she hasn’t birthed a child, God has given her six God babies and so she considers herself so lucky and she concluded by saying, “So, I’ve got kids.” This clip from the interview went viral, and people all over have appreciated her for being honest and how gracefully she handled what could have been an awkward conversation.

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