People Are Flooding Kellogg With Fake Job Applications In Solidarity With Striking Workers – Video

Kellogg is an American food manufacturer based in the United States. The company holds cereal manufacturing facilities in Michigan, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. On Oct 5, 2021, Kellogg workers went on a labor strike. The strike includes 1400 workers, figh-ng for better wages and better working conditions. The workers have been striking for several months but the management refuses to fulfill the demands of the workers.

The workers were made to work for 16 hours a day throughout the week. Hence the workers went on a strike requesting the pay they deserve.

Kellogg management refuses any negotiation and has announced they would hire permanent substitutes for the workers on strike. So the people have decided to flood Kellogg’s job portal through fake applications. A Reddit post called to spam the company’s job website with fake application. The post states that the workers have been figh-ng for fair pay but the management has just announced hiring job replacement. To support the workers they have decided to clog fake job applications on Kellogg’s website.

They used the job posting link and pretended to be a resident of their city provided with a made-up phone number and address. Ultimately Kellogg application page went down. According to daily dot, the negotiation began in September, but the company has been refusing to negotiate the issue. The workers were made to work without a day off but the company refused the union proposal on better pay and working conditions. The striking workers involve the four sectors Tobacco workers, Bakery, Confectionery, and grain miller international union.

The strike results in shutting down Kellogg cereal production facilities in different parts. Trevor Bidelman, a fourth-generation employee and president of BCTGM local 3G describes the treatment of workers in Kellogg. He stated that just a year ago they were treated as heroes for working 7 days a week, 16 hours a day during the pandemic but now they are no longer heroes. He quotes the fact that “A hero can easily become zero”.

He also states that even Machines were given 3 days off for cleaning, the machine were treated better than the workers. The Reddit post has been upvoted 62 times and the Kellogg strike is working as the company has to shut¬¬ down its cereal production facilities. This ultimately results in a Boycott of their products.

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