Judge Offers to Hold Lawyer’s 1-Year Old Baby While Swearing Her In – Video

It happened in 2019, when Juliana Lamar, 27, was swearing in as an attorney at the Tennessee Supreme Court in Nashville. The 30-second video of the courtroom went viral on Twitter as the Judge Richard H. Dinkins made Lamar’s 1-year-old baby part at the whole moment by holding on his as he swore the baby’s mother in as a lawyer.

According to Juliana Lamar, in her first year of law school, she interned with the judge and in her second year, he guided her as a mentor. At the swearing-in, she said, “This year, I asked if he would swear me in,” and the Judge grabbed her baby without me even asking. He wanted him to be a part of it.”

One of her friends shared that 30 second clip on Twitter, with the caption saying she’d “never loved him more”. And within a few hours, the views went to 60,000 and the comment section was flooded with appreciation, praising achievement, baby’s hand movements and of course the judge holding him.

Talking to TODAY, Lamar said, the credit of her becoming a lawyer goes to her family who supported her.

Here are some of the beautiful compliments on the viral video, Her baby’s right hand is raised throughout the oath too.

— Ziad Fazel (@ZiadFazel) November 9, 2019

Got the bounce and everything. That’s expert level grandpa right there.
— SamPiper (@SamPiper74) November 9, 2019

Few comments also included sharing their experience of them seeing their classmates with children during pursuing law.

One of my law school colleagues was like 9 months pregnant during our final exams last. She’s a judge now
— Heraty Law (@heratylaw) November 9, 2019

One of my classmates had a baby in the middle of the semester and still made Dean’s List.
— Corporate Sellout (@defenserests15) November 9, 2019

“She was back at school within a week of an emergency C-section before she was even allowed to drive or climb stairs,” she wrote, adding in a subsequent tweet, “Women are amazing” says Martin.

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