17 Pics Prove How Carol Vorderman Is Turning Into Kim Kardashian

Carol Vorderman seems to be enjoying all the attention that she has been receiving lately. After the 62-year-old accepted a math honor from her former university, and in another event where she had to meet with astronaut Tim Peake Carol has been grabbing attention for her dressing choices. Her fans have pointed out several similarities with Kim Kardashian.

People have now started wondering if she is now planning on being another Kim. Here are the 17 times Carol Vorderman seemed to have helped her fans believe she is merging into Kim through her pictures.

1. Carol and Kim seem to have the exact fi-gure, and even Carol’s figure-hugging outfits have also stood as evidence for the same.

2. Carol loves showing off her bo-dy like Kim. She even admitted that she was insecure about her bo-dy as a child but now she can’t stop posting her pictures on social media.

3. Carol is someone who works very hard on her and also has admitted to walking seven miles each day and doing deep squats which is also one of Kim’s favorite workouts.

4. Both Carol and Kim have also tried their hand at paddleboarding, and their famous leggings drew all attention.

5. Both Carol and Kim came to highlights after both were seen wearing white beachwear while taking a stroll at different beaches.

6. Both Kim and Carol have experimented with their hair and recently carol was seen wearing an aviator jumpsuit. This was a similar one that Kim was spotted in as well.

7. Carol would not deny the fact that she tries to channel Kim. Just like Kim, carol loves flaunting her hourglass fi-gure by wearing tight black casual outfits.

8. Kim is one of her iconic magazine photoshoots, was seen balancing a glass. In a recent picture posted by the 60-year-old Carol she was seen recreating the iconic picture of Kim.

9. Carol follows Kim and wears a corset so that she could clench her waists to make them look so prominent.

10. Well! Carol seems to have taken some real inspiration from Kim when she went on to rock in the iconic Black leather skirt and white top.

11. Carol was seen wearing the exact purple dress that Kim wore thereby making it obvious that she loves the attention.

12. Kim came into highlights with her red gown look in one of the awards shows. Five years later in 2015, Carol seemed to have worn the same red gown at an event.

13. Carol perfectly recreated the Fur collared look of Kim in the Ascot outfit.

14. Just like Kim, carol never forgets to accentuate her with low-cut outfits which would even highlight her waistlines.

16. While Kim uses a tape to protect her b–b from any gravitational effect, carol uses a b-ra to do the same.

17. Carol did not mind copying Kim’s iconic red dress outfit for one of her premieres.

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