10 Tips That’ll Save You The Trouble Of Washing Your Hair Every Day – Video

Cleansing your hair and scalp are basic essentials for healthy hair. Hair wash removes dirt, pollutants, and excess sebum from your hair. However, too much hair wash may lead to hair damage. According to Lynne Goldberg, Director of the Boston Medical Center Hair Clinic, frequent washing of hair results in removes sebum. When you wash your hair daily then the sebaceous glands compensate by producing more oil or sebum.

Over production of sebum causes greasy scalp and hair, thus leading to dandruff and hair loss. To prevent yourself from getting into this vicious cycle and it is best to avoid daily hair wash. Some of the tips to refrain from daily hair wash and yet look gorgeous are mentioned herein below:

1. Proper Diet

Nutritious food is essential for healthy and shiny hair. Hence, to let your hair stay clean for longer duration, eliminate junk foods from your diet. It is advisable to keep sugar, canned foods and white bread at bay for good hair. Inclusion of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, dairy products and lean meat would reduce the activity of sebaceous glands and keep your hair clean and lustrous.

2. Use Dry Shampoos

Although dry shampoos do not clean your hair, it absorbs the oil from your hair hiding dirt and grease between the hair washes. Thus it aids in making your hair look cleaner and fluffier. For application of dry hair, divide your hair into strands and spray the same to your hair roots from distance of 8-10 inches. Talcum powder serves as an excellent dry shampoo. Sprinkle some talcum powder on the roots of your hair to absorb excess oil. Comb your hair after 10 minutes for a silky finish.

3. Use Hair Accessories

Using hair accessories like headbands and head scarf strategically for hair styling can give you a washed look. Wash your fringes and secure it with pretty pins to conceal the greasy scalp. Similarly, covering with headscarf on loose hair too aid in camouflaging dirty hair. A plain or beaded hair band suits everyone. The hair band instantly hides your oily hair and gives a brushed look to your hair.

4. Use Tepid Water

Ensure that you use only tepid or warm water for hair wash. Hot water increases the fat secreted by skin. Moreover it also strips away the essential oils and moisture of hair. This results in hair breakage, and dry and frizzy hair. Warm water seals moisture in the hair and keeps the scalp hydrated. It also closes the pores, thus preventing dirt and excessive oil from entering the scalp.

5. Braid Your Hair

A braid or two is one of the best ways to disguise greasy hair roots. Backcombing at the crown would further help to conceal unwashed hair. It is essential that some hair sticks out of the braid to camouflage its staleness. Hair tutorial for different types of braided hair styles would help you look gorgeous in newer looks and cover grimy hair.

6. Comb Hair at Bedtime

Combing or brushing your hair before bed promotes healthy mane. Combing evenly distributes the natural oils produced by the scalp through your hair. Additionally combing or brushing your hair is relaxing and aids you in a good sleep. Moreover, brushing before bed benefits hair by making them beautiful and give a smooth and clean appearance to hair.

7. Change Hair Parting

Switch your parting from one side to the other, or replace a straight parting with a diagonal one. Routine hair arrangement may lead to loss of volume at the roots. And hair tends to become dirty along the parting line. Hence, shifting the parting will not only volumize hair but also impart a clean appearance.

8. Avoid Flat Hairstyles

Avoid smooth and sleek hairstyles as they tend to make your hair look messy and greasy. It is better to backcomb the hair at roots to give hair a voluminous look and secure them in a bun. You may also opt for messy knot bun or low bun. This hairstyle would let your hair hide the oily roots and give you an elegant look.

9. Wash Your Hair Tools

Hair brushes and styling substances accumulates hair buildup, dead skin cells, dust mites and natural oils from your hair. Hence, it is essential to clean them on a periodic basis. The combs and hair brushes should be washed once a week. Dip the brushes and combs in warm water mixed with small amount of shampoo. Let them soak for ten minutes before rinsing them thoroughly in running water. Similarly, follow the cleaning instructions for your styling tools. This would prevent residue built up of hair sprays and conditioners.

10. Wash Hair Properly

Right hair wash twice a week would keep your squeaky clean for days. First, wet hair thoroughly, lather small amount of shampoo and use your fingertips to gently massage shampoo into your hair. You do not have to scrub your scalp. Apply conditioner concentrating on the length and ends of hair. Rinse with tepid water.

Dry your wet hair with a cotton t-shirt instead of towel to smoothen your frizzy hair.


Nicola Just saying, for the hair parting thing, part your hair when its wet so it’ll stay like that once it dries otherwise its hard for your hair part to remain same

Jaelynn Kay My mom is crazy about making me wash my hair every day and every night. Then, when I tell her about some tips like these, she gets frustrated and continues her usual force

Mishkah Anthony the fact that i suddenly felt the urge to wash my hair, eat and sleep properly

Serayou know I think I’ll just stick to washing my hair after every 2 days and oiling it regularly. The shirt-towel’s a great tip though, thanks!

Jennifer the best way to keep from having to wash your hair every day is to use a natural shampoo from a health food store. The chemicals in most shampoo is what hurts your hair and makes it oily and dirty looking.

Ainy thanks for this video cuz I am one of those people whose hair look messy and oily even if u wash them the same day so I am gonna try this out and tell the results

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