These 12 Things Every Girl Wants But She Will Never Ask You

Women, in general, want certain things in a relationship but they don’t usually ask for it. It could be affirmations from their partner or a handwritten letter or sometimes they just want you to hug them. They expect you to decipher what they need. This makes them feel like you care about them.

The most commonly asked question by many men is “What do girls want?’ well here are 12 things every girl wants but never tells you.

1. Surprises

She doesn’t expect you to get her expensive gifts but a bar of chocolate or a random handwritten letter wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket would it?

2. Random Display of Affection

Girls just love being hugged or randomly kissed on their forehead. Just hold her hands when you’re out together. That would make her feel protected and give her the reassurance she needs.

3. Late Night Conversations

Girls love talking. Just be there for her after she’s had a bad day and stay up and talk to her and listen when she rants. She would forget all the problems in the world.

4. Feed her

This might sound silly but feeding your girl would her feel special especially if she is a foodie.

5. Affirm Your Love

Just loving her won’t make sense unless you express it. You have to keep reminding her how much she means to you, and that’s it. Shell always be there.

6. Compliment her

Every time she does something different, she expects you to notice that and compliment her. After all, she wore that pretty black dress for you.

So why not appreciate her efforts.

7. Commitment

Every girl wants her man to be truthful and honest and always stay committed to the relationship.

8. Time Factor

We all have our priorities but it is important that you still make time for her and make her feel like she’s worth it, and no doubt it would make her happy.

9. Travel together

plan your next date as a vacation to her favorite place. If she’s someone who loves traveling, she will feel so appreciated.

10. Introduce her to your Friends and Family

Any girl would feel assured when you introduce her proudly to your friends and family. It even lets her understand how much you value relationships and how you treat people who care about you.

11. Make her Laugh

You don’t have to be a great comedian to make her laugh. Just put in the little effort to tease her or make her smile by cracking a joke after she’s had a bad day. She will hold you precious.

12. Be a Gentleman

She is your partner, not your property. So treat her like she’s the queen and treasures her very existence.

As a guy, it is hard to read what runs through your girl’s mind. However, the above-mentioned are a few basic things any girl would appreciate and make her love you more. No girl expects her man to be the perfectionist. All she needs is for you to put in a little effort.

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