Chanelle Hayes Shows The Power Of Photoshop With Before & After Photos

Photoshop is an art and you can do miracles with it. The wonderful program has elevated the art of photography, with that people omits some unwanted details and apply filters to enhance the look. Recently a television personality, Chanelle Jade Hayes reveals the light of Photoshop to her followers. Chanelle Jade Hayes is a television personality.

Singer, model, and businesswoman. She is known for appearing on the reality series Big Brother in 2007.

Chanelle shares the true reality of retouching pictures using Photoshop on Instagram, she also uploaded a few of her before vs after pics and the difference were scary.

Recently in her post, she added that “The power of technology is scary these days especially when you’re good at it”.

She was unnerved by the fact that people alter their appearance at ease through Photoshop.

She recalls the past where the circle of shame in Magazine was one thing but today it is a shame to post your pictures without editing. Her followers were overwhelmed after she posted her before vs after pics. The photo clearly illustrates the art of Photoshop.

In the 1st photo, she looked healthy with crop tops and leggings,

In the 2nd photo her skin was toned flawless and her stomach was airbrushed. Her followers appreciate her for keeping it real.

Chanelle’s body took a deep dive after appearing on Big Brother at the age of 19.

She opens up on the struggle with her weight previously.

She was not much into a healthy diet and exercise at that time.

Post Big Brother her love for food has raised after using laxatives for ten years.

She went on a diet with slimming pills but due to her lifestyle and dependency, her diet went out of control.

Finally, through gastric sleeve sur-gery, she shrink to 9 and ½ stones.

Chanelle is feeling confident now and encourages others to love the true version of themselves.

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