10 Best Things That Happen In Every Relationship After A Year

Being in a relationship feels great especially in the few beginning months. Eventually, you get used to the person, and things change. Here are ten such things that usually happen in every relationship after a year.

1. You don’t find the need to dress up for a romantic date anymore as you did on your first date because you don’t have to impress your partner. They know you inside out.

2. The ‘Good morning baby’ texts are now replaced with you waking up next to each other every morning only to realize you are late for work and you shouldn’t have binge-watched till 3 in the morning.

3. You don’t even bother about how you dress anymore because everything is casual, and there’s zero effort required to impress each other.

4. Your pet kitten that was never comfortable with your partner now your pet loves your partner you.

5. Is all classy and formal when you meet their friends for the first time and a year down you wonder where does your partner finds such friends.

6. Your boyfriend was just all about you when you first introduced your girlfriends to him, and now he loves spending time with them that makes you go ‘arghhh.’

7. It’s your boyfriend who is now afraid of watching horror movies, unlike the first time you screamed your lungs out of fear.

8. Your girlfriend used to take a lot of time to get ready but, you couldn’t tell her because what if she got offended and fast forward to one year and here you are not bothered locking yourself inside the washroom despite knowing your girls is getting late and would most probably get f-ired.

9. You were first so conscious about not repeating your outfit but now you don’t even care about what he thinks because that blue dress is your favorite, and you are only going to wear that.

10. Remember the initial months when you never wanted to leave their side, and now both of you secretly wish you go back to your home because you miss your family.

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