9 Easy-To-Miss Signs Your Man May Be Giving Up On The Relationship

Let’s be honest. You would want to be blindsided by a possible br-eakup in your relationship. As much as you love your man you must recognize the red flags in the relationship although you always have a chance to make things out. Here are a few signs your man is losing his interest in you.

1. Emotionally unavailable

If you don’t feel comfortable sharing every detail to him like how you did and makes you feel like he is no longer interested to listen to you. Then there is your red flag.

2. Zero Efforts

If your man does not do anything to make up after a fi-ght like how he used to, then you know you’re forcefully hanging on in the relationship at your sole will.

3. His words hurt you

Fi-ghts are common in every relationship but what matters is a sense of regret after the fi-ght. If he acts like he doesn’t care anymore or tells things that hurt you. Know this, he is doing this just to br-eak your heart and get rid of you.

4. No more of “I love you”

Every woman would love to hear her man remind her often how much he loves her. If your partner doesn’t find the need to do that anymore, it is a clear fact that he no longer holds any feelings for you.

5. He’s always busy

We always find excuses to spend time with our loved ones. Your man must have done the same earlier. But now, he no longer cares. This clearly shows that he has lost all the interest and your very thoughts make him feel bored.

6. He doesn’t tell you about his secrets

Your man now doesn’t feel the need to tell you anything about what is happening with his life. He would simply just avoid the conversation and make you feel vulnerable and confused.

7. He does things to upset you

Your man just wouldn’t care about your feelings anymore. It is just what he wants. Sometimes he might end up doing things purposely to hurt you.

8. He needs privacy

You must give your partner enough space so that they don’t feel suffocated.

However, if your man now needs space to an extent where you feel shut out of his life, then you need to move on Girl.

9. Zero respect

Everyone deserves to be treated with respect no matter what. Even if your man doesn’t love you anymore, he has to admit it and not treat you badly. If you find your man disrespecting you, then that is it. You deserve better.

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