8 Signs You’ve Found Your Soulmate

Who knows where is he, who knows where she is? The one who comes in my dreams and teases me. Movies have made us believe in soulmates. We don’t know where, how and when we will meet our soulmate. But here are eight signs that will help you to find your soulmate and nurture that dreamy romantic relationship.

1. Intense Intuition from Universe

When you meet, your intuition will let you know. You will receive signals from the universe that he or she is the one. You will feel comfortable, energetic and experience a sense of familiarity.

2. Strong bond of Friendship

A strong bond of friendship is a base for a lifelong romance.

3. Mutual Respect

Soulmates respect each other, their values and decisions in spite of their flaws.

4. Same Vision Of The Future

When you share similar values, deep connections will spread their roots. When you have similar likes and dislikes it becomes easy to understand each other but it also doesn’t mean that you strictly see that.

Everyone have their own preferences

5. You Challenge Each Other

The combination of challenge and support will help each other in growth, development, and to move out of our comfort zones and explore ourselves. Your soulmate should never ask you to give up on your dreams. They will always cheer you up, encourage you to have faith in yourself.

6. Fi-ght For The Relationship

Every relationship has some conflicts but who is meant to be with each other, fi-ght for it irrespective of any situation and uncertainties.

Your soulmate should understand the struggles and put effort to make a relationship work. They must be aware of the ups and downs of a relationship. Your soulmate must understand that giving up on a relationship is never an option.

7. Trust – Can Be Apart, But Prefer Being Together

Trust is very important. You give each other their space and enjoy being together. Your soulmate should never make you feel like she/he is hiding something. Loyalty is important to build up trust for a long lasting relationship.

8. No need to pretend

You don’t need to change or pretend to each other, show your true self and be comfortable being authentic.
Acceptance in any relationship, good or bad, is necessary. One should accept you for who you are. Your soulmate should love you for being you.

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