15 Things Couples Forget To Discuss Before Getting Married

Compatibility and communications hold the key to a long-lasting relationship. Therefore, couples must talk things out to make their expectations from the relationship clear before they decide to walk down the aisle. Here are 15 things every couple must discuss before saying “I Do.”

(1) Finance Management

Money is essential to help you lead a decent life ahead. Therefore, you need to discuss how are you planning to share your expenses based on your earnings.

(2) Discuss Debts

You should always tell the other person about any debts that you have. Failing to do so would make them feel betrayed.

(3) Saving for your retirement

Being married also means you should be discussing your retirement plans and the ways where you save for your retirement to be able to relax.

(4) Whether both of you want kids

In today’s world, not everyone gets married to have kids. Therefore, you must discuss whether both of you want kids in the future and, if yes, how they plan to go about it to secure their child’s future.

(5) What if you can’t have children

Many couples part ways because they cannot have children. While there are other proven medical ways, you should still discuss the same with your partner.

(6) Chores

In today’s world, with most women who work outside, you must plan who does what chore exactly. If this is not sorted, it might trigger huge fights in the house.

(7) The Cheating element

Cheating is not accepted universally.

However, the definition of cheating varies with each individual. You should discuss what you consider cheating so that you don’t end up feeling betrayed.

(8) Dreams and Goals

This is a very important question to be asked before getting married. Your dreams and goals must be aligned with your partner’s ideas of success failing which will lead to misunderstandings.

(9) Deal Breakers

There could be little things your partner is particular about. Although it sounds trivial, you need to get that to practice before it triggers another fight.

(10) Parents

We all need to take care of our parents. Therefore, you got to discuss how your partner wants to take care of their parents and using what means.

(11) Health History

Health history is important especially if you are planning to have kids so that you are already prepared for what’s in store.

(12) Lifestyle

While you may be comfortable living in an apartment, your partner must be someone who loves independent houses. This needs to be discussed.

(13) ‘We Time’

It is often hard to find quality time with each other. You need to know what are your partner’s expectations.

(14) Your last wish

We will all depart someday. However, you need to discuss whether you need to be cremated or bu-ed.

(15) Social lives

While you may be comfortable sharing details about your life on social media, your partner may find that as an invasion of privacy. Therefore, you need to reach a mutual understanding regarding the same.

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