15 Signs Your Partner Is Marriage Material

Sometimes you just know that he is the one for me and you lock down your relationship. But in most cases, it is not the same. You indeed love your partner for sure but all of a sudden a question pops, “Is he the right thing for you, will the love in your relationship last forever”.

Well! Here we are to guide you on figuring your partner is truly the one for you and eliminate skepticism. Be sure to go through these signs before nailing your proposal.

1. You both are emotionally attached

Sharing your feelings makes you really close, for someone to be a marriage material they need to open up and share their emotions. People often think that marriage will make share their emotions by default, but it is not true in most cases. Make sure your partner reaches you to share all his emotions whether be a happy one or a sad one.

2. Holds a decent sense of humor

According to Dr. Gary Brown, who is a marriage counselor based out of Los Angeles, the ability to laugh at themselves portraits a degree of humility, it’s a very desirable quality for your life partner.

3. Past Relationships are civil

If your partner speaks good about his exes or historically had a good relationship, then it is a good sign. When they had a bad relationship consider asking them questions to find out whether they have grown up from their youthful errant ways.

4. Manage conflicts reasonably

It is obvious that Marriage will eventually lead to some conflicts make sure your partner is capable of handling conflicts reasonably. Pay attention to how they resolve conflicts with you and other people.

5. Your partner is self-sufficient

Your partner must be capable of taking care of themselves both physically and emotionally. If they can’t manage themselves it is for sure that they will not be able to provide the necessary support when needed. As it portraits “An independent partner is always a happy partner”.

6. Encourages you to be better

A perfect partner inspires you to be the best version of yourself and according to Rori Sassoon, CEO and co-founder of Platinum Poire it is the key in finding they are marriage material. A true partner strives and pushes you towards your goals and aspirations.

7. Your partner treats others well

Treating others well depicts that he will treat you well in the upcoming years. Pay attention to how he treats others in public spaces like a restaurant or other service centers. They must be capable of handling anyone who enters their business.

8. You both are S-xually compatible

Laurel Steinberg, clinical s-s-xologist relationship therapist and professor of psychology at Columbia University based out of New York says good chemistry and the same level of desire for physical touch is a good sign of partners. Of course, there are other good qualities, but just make sure these criteria don’t act as a sticking point in your relationship.

9. They follow you thoroughly

Consider it as a warning sign, if your partner doesn’t fulfill work obligations, doesn’t show up for dates on time, or doesn’t keep up his words. This indicates that they are not fully committed to your relationship.

10. Reaches you for help

Make sure your partner reaches out to you when he is stressed or having a hard time. It shows he is ready to face any hardship with you by his side. People often move towards each other or move away when they are sad.

11. You both hold similar values

Marriage should include a set of values and principles, you both don’t need to agree on everything. But make sure you both hold the important values and principles. The important values include prioritizing resources, treating people, etc. Make sure you discuss that before taking your marriage vows together.

12. Your partner is ready to accept the change

Relationships are not static, they often change with time. In fact, changes can be a good sign of perfect understanding. Your partner must be mature enough to adapt to changes and ready to face challenges over time.

13. They try their best to make your life easier

Your partner should care for you and be ready to help you with all sorts of works. Making coffee, picking groceries, or lending a helping hand in your works can be a good sign of a happy and loving relationship. This factor indicates smooth flow in your relationship.

14. They get along with your friends

In the long run choosing between friends and your partner arise as a major issue. Hence make sure your partner gets along with your friends’ circle and shows interest towards people who have molded your life. It is a major sign that your partner cares about your happiness.

15. Doesn’t losses his temper even in a cr-itical situation

Rosalind Sedacca who is a dating coach says that you realize the true version of your partner only when you have gone through a major trauma in your life along with your partner. How one faces the challenges in life is a reflection of their personality. Don’t walk into a relationship until you have a clear understanding of your partner’s reaction to cr-itical situation.

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