10 Relatable Girl Comics That Illustrates a Girl’s Daily Struggle in the Best Way Possible – Video

Nobody would disagree with the statement ‘Life is full of challenges.’ But once we start valuing our life, we would understand that every challenge in life comes with fun. One such way people do that is through memes. Memes have gained a lot of popularity in today’s world. Here are ten such situations which every girl would relate to.

1. Every girl would claim to be dieting for that perfect summer body. Until you’re caught eating your favorite French fries. Cheat days are allowed. right?.

2. Every girl has at least once in her life got envious of her boyfriend having better eyelashes. I mean why does he even need that?

3. Those tan lines make you regret your whole decision of wanting to flex your attractive cur-ves.

4. Girls are very expressive, and it’s all cute until you lean by to kiss your man, and oops! Your makeup ensures that it leaves an impression on your man. Now that is going to get him irritated.vorite lipstick and your partner does not like it.

5. They try their best and religiously follow their strict diet routine until dinner. Sorry! She was too hungry.ay and you can not keep up calorie count at dinner time.

6. You put your phone into your handbag and Oh no! you can’t find it in there. Once you find your phone between the other deodorants and lipsticks inside your handbag, that sense of relief.e is right in front of you but you keep searching for it.

7. She spends hours inside Sephora trying to find the perfect shade of lipstick that would go with her new plum dress. But you run out of space in your hand to try the shade on. and that’s when you lend your boyfriend’s arm.

8. Period mood swings are crazy. You were just so happy and kissed your boyfriend until he breathes. Now please get out before I k-ill you.

9. You run, and it is fun but, once you stop. You end up hating yourself for making such a dreadful decision.

10. Girls own many many b-ras. All of them would make you go wow but, they would end up wearing the same one every day because didn’t you know -‘Comfort over style’.

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