Meet The Baby Twins Brie And Bella – One Is Caramel With Green Eyes – The Other Ebony With Brown Eyes! – Video

A photo of Isabella and Gabriella Shipley, two seven-month-old twin sisters, is shaking the internet off for their distant features despite being twins. Isabella has a Caramel skin tone with green eyes, while Gabriella is born with ebony skin color and brown eyes. Their mother, Clementine Shipley and started posting photos of doe-eyed babies soon after which they became an Instagram sensation.

As every photo of the duo child started becoming viral, the Instagram account accumulated around 13,000 followers just within months. Social media users started interacting with the mother on the Instagram account, blessing her twins and pouring lots of sweet wishes for them. Whoever comes across pictures of lovely twins just gush about how lucky the mother is.

However, some users with ma-lice aforethought made putrid comments pointing out the ‘difference’ in colors of both children. “My daughters and I’ve been subjected to deleterious trolling many times, Clementine confessed. “From time to time we’ve run into negative comments about Gabriella’s color, if she’s loved and if she considered beautiful because of her darker complexion,” she added.

Nevertheless, the majority of her followers is twitterpated by the prepossessing children and is filled with amazement to see ‘beautiful differences’ between both of them. “Oh my goodness, how beautiful are your girls!!!!!!!!!” wrote one enthusiastic commenter on a recent post. “Wow, they are cuties. Gorgeous eyes!” added another.

The mother also revealed that many followers wrongly assumed her daughter is race to be mixed when they are in fact African-American. A lot of people were inquisitorial about the color of eyes of Caramel to which the mother answered that the green color of eyes runs in their family.

Shipley also has a third child, Angelina who is also a regular feature on her popular Instagram account and is ostensibly a ‘wonderful big sister’ to the two twins.

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