This Teen Designed An Amazing Handmade “Coming To America” Prom Dress – Video

Jimelle Levon was just 10 years old when he and his mother became homeless. Since then he struggled in his life for everything meant for a smooth life. He used to shuffle with his mom from shelter to shelter facing everyday challenges that some of us have never faced. Nevertheless, Jimelle never gave up and was positive to bring a transformation in his life soon.

At 14, he learned to sew from his mother. He first used his sewing skills to create a prom dress for his date. Inspired by the film Coming to America, Jimelle designed a gown for his date and a suit for himself with stunning work of gold embroidery.

He did not want to lose those memories so he captured those moments which he even shared on social media.

The photos instantly got viral grabbing the attention of Steve Harvey who welcomed Jimelle onto his show.

Jimelle, currently, attending Clark Atlanta University as a full-time student, and simultaneously owning a fashion designing company. His custom-made gowns are now huge in demand among people and sell for up to $450 each. Such is the demand that people have to sometimes cool their heels for days to get their product.

Jimelle is now an inspiration for his community and other people as well who dream of changing their lives through sheer hard work. “Hard work has always been a part of my life. My mother and I lived in a shelter before, when I was in fifth grade,” Jimelle told WCMH.

“From there on, once I cuff sixth grade, I was always a hard worker, either shoveling the snow or anything to gain money, because I didn’t want to be in the predicament anymore,” he added.

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