Woman Poses For Pregnancy Photos, Not Knowing It Would Turn Into Engagement Photoshoot – Video

Expecting to hear a patter of tiny feet is one of the most cherished moments in the life of many mum-to-be. Parents who are avidly waiting to embosom their neonate love clicking snapshots months before the cherubic baby enters their life so that they could later recall their happiness and excitement before the birth of their child.

In one of the viral incidents, a couple planned for a maternal photoshoot at a fantabulous location with a waterfall around. They were already a parent of a daughter and were expecting a second baby soon, so they thought to get photographed together in order to remember their fond memories for their whole life.

The expectant mother, Jazzy, and a daughter wore a pink dress both looking extremely pulchritudinous. The family, especially Jazzy, was enjoying the photoshoot. The photoshoot even became more pleasant and memorable for Jazzy as it turned out to be her engagement photoshoot.

It was really a ‘gadzook’ moment for her as she did not expect a surprise engagement. The incident got viral and soon wishes and blessings started pouring in for the couple.

Social media users congratulated Jazzy and Rich for their second child and were happy for the euphoric moment lived by Jazzy when Rich proposed to her for the engagement.

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