10 Uncomfortable Signs Your Relationship Will Last

Best relationships are those where both partners grow to their full potential. They are not curtailed by their partners for who they are. Having said that, perfect relationships are also those where partners understand that their life would not be the same as before, and they are totally okay with it. Here are some ‘uncomfortable’ signs that indicate you are in a perfect relationship:

1. You have no issue with the fact that you will not be able to do things that you ‘like’.

Once you are into a relationship, your every action affects your partner. What you used to do when you are single, you may not be able to do when you are in a relationship. You understand this and you are totally okay with the ‘change’ that relationship has brought into your life.

2. You no longer pretend to be ‘strong’ in front of your partner.

The relationship to survive should not be artificial at any cost. You are in a perfect relationship when you don’t have to hide your vulnerabilities from your partner. Pretending what you are not is the most displeasing thing to do in a relationship.

3. You are not afraid of arguments

Arguments in a relationship are common. What partners need to understand is that their relationship should be the one that can withstand any argument. You are the best couple if you are mature enough to shape your relationship into one that can overcome occasional argy-bargy.

4. You are okay when things do not go according to you in the relationship

Things are not meant to go in a way according to you. When you are in a relationship things move forward not solely on the basis of your likeability. You are in a perfect relationship if you find nothing odd in this. You are just okay to move in the same direction as things go.

5. You are okay to be wrong

Being wrong is quite normal. One does not need to have an obsession with being always right in the relationship. You like when your partner wins an argument and you are not jealous at all. You have no issue with strangling your pride for the sake of the relationship.

6. You just love your relationship irrespective of its different facets

You don’t seem to be more concerned with different aspects of the relationship and just enjoy it to the fullest. Whether you are going through good times or bad times in your relationship, you cherish it without complaining.

7. You are becoming a better person with each passing day

When your relationship stimulates you to be the better version of yourself, you are in the best relationship. A good relationship inspires you to improve yourself, removes habits that are not in congruence to your partner, and gives a new and refined perspective of your life.

8. Your priority is your partner

If you prioritize your partner more than yourself and on the other hand your partner prioritizes you more than himself, then you are enjoying the perfect relationship which many are not fortunate to have in their life.

9. You try to solve your partner’s problems

You do not differentiate between your and your partner’s problems. You willingly take the issues of your partner as your own and try to solve them within the limit of your ability. You feel okay to be the companion in your partner’s stress, despite you having your own issues to resolve.

10. You accept and love all aspects of the relationship, whether it’s good or bad.

It’s no longer all just about the good times for you. You really adore and cherish all aspects of the relationship. You know that any rough patches that you will have to go through together will only make you a stronger couple in the long run. You understand that relationships aren’t always going to be perfect and you’re fine with that. You see the imperfections in your relationship and you still think that what you have is something special and beautiful; something that’s worth fi-ghting for.

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