10 Signs That A Marriage Will Won’t Last, According To Wedding Experts

Gone are those days when ever lasting bonds actually lasted forever. Nowadays, couples look for anticipations from each other constantly and when they can’t meet each other’s anticipations, they end up separating from each other.

Lately, research has shown that in Europe, people are separating 2.5 times more than they were separating with each other a few decades ago.

Therefore, researchers have come up with various ‘unexpected signs’ that show that your marriage won’t last long.

1. Smiling photos of Childhood

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Psychologists claim that the environment around the individual during his/her childhood influences the nature of the individual. Psychologists believe that people who have spent a pessimistic childhood tend to di-vorce more with their partner in the future. To proclaim this point of view, they researched by seeing childhood images of some group of people. After completing the study and they were able to allege their point of view with the data that people with chuckling photos in their childhood tend to have a healthy relationship with their partners in the future.

2. Colleagues of the opposite gender

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People having colleagues of the opposite gender get segregated with their di-vorce fifteen times more frequently. According to Danish researchers and the study was performed for pairs who were wedded between 1981 and 2000 in Denmark.

3. The upbringing of the child

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This serves as a significant component when it comes to knowledge regarding the opinion of an individual on marriage. According to research, “children frequently trace their mother’s manner. Therefore, if the mother has been infidelity, then it is likely that children will follow the similar way leading to their separation from their partner.”

4. Lack of Conversation and Ignoring Conflicts

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If one person is complaining about something and their partner continuously ignores the topic and avoids communicating on that topic, then there are probable possibilities that the couple may separate from each other.

5. Lack of resources

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It’s quite reasonable that lack of resources frequently provokes the relationship between two people. Occasionally the couple gets segregated from each other because the husband fails to deliver the essential needs to his wife and kids.

6. You have public fi-ghts

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Quarrels between couples are common if it happens at home or privately, however, if the limit crosses its line you start having fi-ghts publicly. Then there are definitely high chances that the couple will di-vorce each other soon. According to Audrey Hope, a relationship counselor, “couples tend to take di-vorce more often when they start fi-ghting each other at whatever place they are at.”

7. Your Bed Size Matters

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Researchers say that “your bed size is directly proportional to the quality of your sleep. Good quality sleep contributes to a healthy relationship.”

8. Husband’s attitude towards her Wife’s Friends and Family

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When it comes to friends and family, women are relatively more sensitive than men. Women want their partners to show respect to their family and friends. However, according to studies, men keep a negative attitude towards their wife’s families and friends. The study done by experts says that “around 46% of women take di-vorce their husbands due to their habit of judging their wife’s friendship with their male friends.”

9. Excessive love or affection towards each other

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According to various researches, “the couple tends to separate more frequently if they have excessive affection and love towards each other in the foremost days of marriage or before the marriage.” The study underlines the claim that after a few years of marriage, the enthusiasm of feelings vanishes off and immediately partners become unconcerned with each other which broadly results in separation.

10. The tone you keep with your partner

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Psychologists statements say that “the tone of your conversation with your partner can tell you a lot more about your relationship. Having too excessive an emotional tone of one of the partners puts the relationship in misfortune.” However, couples always want healthy, heart to heart conversations in a tone that excites them. Keeping emotional time frequently might make the person annoyed, ultimately resulting in separation.

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