High Population Density is Beneficial?

High population density is the average number of people livelihood per square km. The population is high comparative to the size of the country. A larger population density will assist trim down the average costs of the transport network.

Growing population leads to superior scope society will create entrepreneurs and innovators

Areas of high population density have not seen the food crisis because of better yields from agriculture and the skill to trade food. Economic expansion will be comparatively more than low density area.

Innovative Thoughts and Cultures

  • With populations all the time rising so will things like culture and religion.
  • Unique cultures and religions will alter adding new concepts and removing things that don’t make sense anymore.
  • New religions may be created because of disagreements in changes to the viewpoint.
  • More people will result in added ideas, thinking and ethnicity.

Food and land shortages

  • Only a tiny percentage of land can be lived on and the increasing population will fill up that room very rapidly.
  • Food resources are inadequate and the population may rise further than sustainability.
  • Only a small percentage of land is used for growing food and to create room for people to live that space will slowly commence to shrink.

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