Future of Health Diagnosis

In order to build increasingly effective healthcare, modern artificial intelligence technologies are the necessity. Events such as the AI & Machine Learning Convention are essential in providing medical experts around the world access to the latest technologies, products and services that are revolution the future of healthcare industry. AI has the capability to save the lives of current and future patients and is something that really seen in healthcare services across the world.

Here are 3 of the AI technology in healthcare that have the most potential.

1.   Artificial Intelligence Technologies In robotic surgery

In robotic surgery robots can analyze data from previous medical records to guide a surgeon’s during surgery, which can lead to a reduction in a patient’s hospital stay. Robot-helped surgery is thought of “insignificantly intrusive” so patients won’t have to recuperate from enormous entry points.

2.    Artificial Intelligence nursing assistants

From connect with patients to directing patients to the most valuable care setting, Intelligence treatment assistants can save the healthcare industry $10 to 20 billion Yearly. The virtual nurses are available 24/7, they can answer questions as well as keep an eye on patients wellbeing and provide speedy answers.

3.     Artificial Intelligence In clinical research or finding

Artificial Intelligence to diagnose patients is unquestionably in its early years, however there have been some cases. In latest study done in Stanford University shows that AI algorithm to detect skin cancers against dermatologists, and it was performed at the level of the humans. The program observe what a person says, the tone of voice and background noise and detected cardiac arrests with a 93% success rate compared to 70 for humans.

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